Wildly extraordinary lives of the past become part of our own lives today — in the sewing shop of Colleen McCracken! An immigrant and ex-convict, survivor of domestic violence, Colleen builds a Coalition with four First Ladies:  Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson and Mary Todd Lincoln.

Mysteries and secrets are unveiled — hers & theirs — and with deep delight, mimicry and subtle impersonations, Colleen seamlessly transports us into the life and times of these iconic women. Driven by their inspiration and encouragement, she finds the power to turn insurmountable obstacles into the extraordinary — discovering new found freedom!

“…imaginative and intriguing…the First Ladies in effect morphed into the equivalents of guardian angels and saints was something to behold.”
– Michael Gottsegen, Writer and Educator

“Wonderfully wrought & directed production of an endearing and unique character!!”
– Fengar Gael, Playwright